Hors‑d'oeuvres froid
    Cocktail de pamplemousse ...  € 9,50

Cocktail of freshly cut grapefruit

    Cocktail Florida ...  € 17,50

A combination of fresh grapefruit and crab served with cocktail sauce

    Cocktail de crevettes ...  € 16,50

Dutch handpealed shrimps with cocktail sauce

    Cocktail de crabe ...  € 21,50

Cocktail of crab with a refined Cognac sauce

    Jambon au melon ...  € 12,50

Smoked ham with melon

    Paté maison ...  € 12,50

Homemade pate of guineafowl liver

    Carpaccio farcie au mousse de foie de canard ...  € 12,50

Thin cut beef tenderloin filled with duckliver mousse

    Anguille fumée ...  € 12,50

Smoked eel from the IJsselmeer

    Saumon fumée ...  € 12,50

Smoked salmon from Norway

    Bisque d’homard ...  € 10,50

Lobstersoup with Cognac and cream

    Consommé Henri IV ...  € 7,50

Clear vegetablesoup with croutons and cheese

    Consommé de queue de boeuf ...  € 7,50

Clear oxtailsoup with Madeira

    Soupe à l'oignon ...  € 8,50

French onionsoup gratinated with cheese

Hors-d'oeuvres chaud
    Escargots de Bourgogne ...  € 12,50

Snails with onions, leek and an herb melange

    Coquilles St. Jacques ...  € 14,50

Scallops prepared with garlic, wine, crème fraîche and gardenherbs

    Coeurs de palmier gratinés ...  € 9,50

Heart of palm gratinated with tomato and cheese

    Sole meunière (dayprice)  

Baked sole

    Filet de truite saumonée au sauce homard ...  € 22,50

Baked salmonfillet with a lobster sauce

    Darne de saumon en papillote ...  € 22,50

Slice of salmon with gardenherbs prepared in foil

    Chateaubriand Stroganoff - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 56,00

Roasted beef tenderloin with a refined wodka-cream sauce prepared at the table

    Filet de veau Zingara - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 58,00

Vealsteak with ham, ox-tongue and Madeira-cream sauce, prepared at the table

    Tournedos au poivre - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 56,00

Beef tenderloinsteak with a soft pepper sauce, prepared at the table

    Tournedos Café de Paris ...  € 26,50

Beef tenderloinsteak with a fresh herb-cream sauce

    Entrecôte marchand de vin ...  € 24,50

Sirloin steak with red port wine sauce

    Filet de veau au saumon fumée ...  € 28,50

Vealsteak stuffed with smoked salmon, suffused 
with a sour cream sauce (specialty of the house)

    Filet de veau-aux crevettes et sauce crustacés ...  € 28,50

Vealsteak with roasted shrimps and crustacean sauce

    Côte d'agneau grillée aux herbes de Provence ...  € 26,50

Lamb chops according to the recipe of the house

    Foie de veau Berrychon ...  € 22,50

Baked calf liver with bacon and union

    Fondue Bourguignonne ‑ 2 persons ...  € 48,00

Pieces fillet of beef with various sauces for two persons


* All main courses are served with two different kinds of potato and vegetables.

    Glace Dame Blanche ...  € 8,00

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce

    Glace fantasie ...  € 8,50

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and ‘advocaat’

    Glace du chef ...  € 9,00

Macaroon ice cream with raisins pickled in brandy

    Glace à la maison ...  € 9,50

Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruits of the season

    Salade de fruits frâis ...  € 6,50

Fresh fruit salad

    Mousse au café ...  € 11,50

A mousse of coffee ice cream

    Mousse au chocolat ...  € 10,50

Homemade chocolatemousse (specialty of the chef)

    Glace ananas flambées - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 21,00

Vanilla ice cream with pineapple flambé

    Glace bananes flambées - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 21,00

Vanilla ice cream with banana flambé

    Glace cerises flambées - v.a. 2 persons ...  € 21,00

Vanilla ice cream with cherry flambé

    Plateau de fromage ...  € 9,50

Various French cheeses



Had a delicious dinner with the three of us. We started with a drink in the bar downstairs where we were served traditional Dutch snacks like haring and osseworst.

Great service at the table, delicious (house)wine and great lambs rack and tournedos. Fresh vegetables, lettuce and two kinds of potato.

The restaurant had a very nice ambiance and the service was great. Here you feel like a real GUEST. Definitely a place to recommend.


Placed on 6 december 2013

*****    ***** 


Great restaurant with fun employees, lots of humor and on arrival you immediately feel at home! The tournedos with peper sauce is a must and prepared at the table.

The interior is indeed a bit old fashioned, however the toilets were recently modernized and you can pay with an ATM card! We come all the way from Brabant to eat here, that says enough!


Placed on 15 november 2013

*****     *****

Amazing! At a place where you wouldn’t expect it, a Dutch pearl is hidden underneath the arcade. The conventional French dishes are served by genuine Amsterdam locals.

Good food, very nice interior, good and friendly service. Definitely worth repeating.

Placed on 9 july 2012  

*****    *****